Enlyft Integrates With Bombora To Optimize Account Outreach

August 28, 2020 | Written by Michael Rodriguez | Published in News Briefs.

Enlyft, an AI-based sales intelligence provider, has announced an integration with intent data provider Bombora. The company will incorporate Bombora’s Company Surge Intent into its platform to provide B2B organizations with sales intelligence to optimize their account outreach efforts.

The integration aims to empower users to be more proactive when identifying active target accounts and prioritize outreach based on the account’s buying intent.

Additional capabilities include the ability to:

  • Identify accounts searching for a specific product/solution for prioritized outreach;
  • Create, segment and customize ABM campaign targeting and messaging using Bombora’s intent data; and
  • Engage potential prospects with relevant information for meaningful buyer discussions.

“We continue to introduce opportunities that add value for our customers and integrating Bombora Intent data into our platform was a natural next step,” said Lokesh Dave, Founder and CEO of Enlyft, in a statement. 

“By enabling customers to identify the businesses that are a good fit for their solution, as well as understand those that are indicating purchase intent, it allows them to focus their sales and marketing efforts on the right businesses at the right time.”

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